House Rules of the Hostel "Am Windberg", Gittersser Str. 19, 01705 Freital

Opening hours of the reception: Mo - Fr 08:00 - 17:00
Booked rooms are available to the Guest from 14:00 on the agreed day of arrival. The Guest has no right to an earlier provision.
On the agreed day of departure, the rooms of the Hostel must be vacated and made available by 10:00 a.m. at the latest. After this time, the Hostel may charge the full list price per day due to the late vacating of the room. Contractual claims of the Guest are not justified by this.

Smoking ban
Smoking, lighting candles and open fires are prohibited in the premises of the Hostel. In case of violation, we have to charge the Guest 200,00 Euro for the increased cleaning effort and the related loss of revenue. Should the smoke detectors trigger fire department operations, we must also charge the guest for these considerable costs.
Tampering with the smoke detectors is punishable by law and will be reported to the police. The fire alarm system is interconnected throughout the building. When the alarm is triggered, a loud alarm will sound everywhere in the hostel, please go outside according to the evacuation plan posted in the room. If the smoke detector is tampered with, the person responsible for the tampering will be charged for the firefighting costs.
Barbecuing is not permitted in the open areas belonging to the house.

Night Rest / Security / Order
The night rest from 22:00 o'clock to 06:00 o'clock is to be kept. During this time loud noises and noise are to be avoided. Music is only to be heard at room volume.
Bringing and consumption of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.
Serious and repeated harassment of other guests may result in termination of the accommodation contract without notice, claims for damages and ban from the house.
Theft and intentional damage to property will be reported immediately.
The Hostel is not liable for luggage and valuables.
Pets are not allowed in the Hostel.
Visitors can be received in the lounge/reception. The overnight stay or even partial accommodation of persons from outside the Hostel is strictly prohibited.

Damage, Soiling, Loss of Keys
For the loss of the key 10,00 € will be charged.
The Guest has to treat the furnishings of the house as well as the rooms with care and especially to avoid rough soiling and damage.
The furniture, e.g. chairs, blankets, etc., is to be left in principle in the rooms in which it is found.
In the event of damage to or soiling of buildings or inventory, the damage caused must be settled immediately by the party responsible.
In the event that soiling or damage exceeding the normal extent of use is found even after the guest's departure, the Hostel is entitled to subsequently charge the Guest for the cost of repair, replacement or cleaning.
This applies in particular to the replacement of:
- hand and bath towels,
- mattresses and mattress protectors, pillows and pillowcases,
- bed linen,
- small electrical appliances and tableware,
- television sets,
- other furnishings, including those on the Hostel premises.
Be environmentally friendly with water and electricity.
When leaving the room, close all windows and doors to avoid damage that may be caused by severe weather. For safety reasons, leaning out of windows is not allowed. Windows may only be opened to ventilate the room.
The Hostel staff is authorized to enter the room during the Guest's stay for the purpose of cleaning, making repairs and the like.
All public areas in the Hostel are under video surveillance for your safety.

Guest Kitchen
Opening hours of the kitchens: 07:00 - 22:00
The guests are dependent on self-catering. For this purpose, a kitchen equipped to the usual extent is available, which can be used by all guests. It is therefore necessary to agree with other guests/groups on the times and extent of use. The kitchen must be cleaned immediately after use. Kitchen utensils such as plates, cutlery and pots must be cleaned by you and put back in the cupboards.
Handle delicate surfaces such as glass, wallpaper and electrical equipment with care.

Trash is to be disposed of separately, depending on what receptacles are available.
Never throw items such as: wet wipes, coasters, absorbent cotton, tampons, pads, toothpicks, food, food scraps into the toilet (lavatory), sink or shower.
Never dispose of chemicals such as paint or other liquid and semi-solid materials down the toilet.

Use of WIFI
Wireless internet access is available in the Hostel free of charge. Before using the WIFI access, the Guest will be asked to accept the terms of use. The Guest uses the internet at their own risk, the Hostel assumes no liability. The use of illegal sites can be assigned to the user by room location and will be reported to the police by the hostel in case of misuse of the WIFI service. In the context of the use of our internet access, copyrights of third parties must be observed. In particular, down- and uploads via so-called file-sharing networks are not permitted and will lead to claims for damages by the Hostel in the event of a violation of this.

Please use the designated guest parking spaces of the Hostel. Short-term parking directly in front of the Hostel's entrance door is only allowed for loading and unloading. The German traffic regulations (StVO) apply on the entire premises. The property as well as the parking areas are private property; these are subject to our house rules. Escape and rescue routes are marked as such and must be kept clear at all times. Illegally or incorrectly parked cars will be removed at your expense. The Hostel is not liable for any damage caused to you and/or your car during the parking period. The use of the Hostel's own parking lot does not entail any insurance claims.

These house rules are a legally binding part of the respective valid version of the General Terms and Conditions.